Liquid superfine heat insulation Korund Anticor. Unique material that can be applied directly to rusty surface has been developed for the first time in Russia. It is sufficient to remove raw (loose) rust with wire brush; after that one can apply KORUND Anticor heat insulation in compliance with the instruction. Liquid superfine heat insulation KORUND ANTICOR is special compound with improved adhesion and anticorrosion properties; the compound is UV and chemically resistant (resistant to salt, acid, alkali solutions, certain types of oil products).

The coating extends the service life of insulated surface and protects against corrosion. Superfine liquid heat-insulating material KORUND ANTICOR is used for heat insulation of construction metalware, metal products, pipes, pipelines, industrial equipment of various applications, as well as reinforced concrete products and structures exposed to high humidity and corrosive environment. The operating temperature ranges from -60°С to +200°С (short-term thermal loads (1-2 hours) up to +260°С are allowed). Superfine heat-insulating material KORUND ANTICOR can be applied directly to rusty surface. It is sufficient to remove raw (loose) rust with wire brush; after that one can apply KORUND Anticor heat insulation following the instructions.

Korund Anticor liquid heat insulation is high-performance heat insulating coating: apart from being conserving agent and corrosion modifier, it displays additional anticorrosion properties. All technical characteristics, requirements, application instructions are similar to those of the main KORUND Classic material. Use of KORUND Anticor heat-insulating material for heat insulation of existing structures and pipelines significantly reduces labor costs, since no special preparation of the working surface is required.

Korund Anticor heat insulation can be applied as the first coat, while "traditional" KORUND heat insulation can be used for further coats (for cost saving purposes).

Use of KORUND ANTICOR coating makes it possible:

− to reduce or eliminate condensation on cold water pipes and air ducts; to insulate equipment without process shut down;

− to reduce repair costs in case of emergency through reduction of time required for leak search and removal of old insulation; to prevent temperature deformations of metal surfaces.

− to use the material as base for application of other product types. For example, the effective thickness of superfine heat insulation on a tank made of ferrous metal is 2.5 mm. At least 6 coats of materials from competitors (mainly manufacturers from USA and Canada) and our base type Korund Classic were required to cover the tank (the first primer coat + 5 coats 0.5 mm each with 24 hours of interlayer drying. While our solution made it possible to apply three coats only.

The fist coat, 0.5 mm of Korund Anticor (not only corrosion lock, but also modifier, adhesive and waterproofing agent thanks to high film forming capacity).

the second coat applied in 24 hours - 1 mm of Korund Facade
the third coat applied in 24 hours - 1 mm of Korund Facade